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Australia - Holidays in the Other End of the World


Australia, the continent at the other end of the world, is a travel destination that is not common. When at that time in May 2006 I booked my trip on my own I already knew some things about the country, the poeple, the sightseeings and and and. But before the journey I never thought tht it will be so overwhelming. Specially the impressive eggshell-arquitecture of the Sydney Opera House, the colourful Uluru that specially in the evening dawn is brithly lightened are pure madness that still today cause wanderlust in me by thinking of my 2,5 months journey. The colourful, versatile, but also very dangerous underwater world of the famous Great Barrier Reef is a must for all divers and is considered to be the most beautiful diving area in the world.

What is also fascinating is the friendliness of the Australians; it is true that it is said about them they are very superficial people, but here, everybody talks to everyone, no mtter if black or white, young or old, pretty or ugly. They are also very helpful.


General Information about Australia

  • The Geopraphy of the Australian Continent
  • The History of Australia
  • The Population and Colonization of Australia
  • Different Regions of Australia

Flora and Fauna on the Australian Continent

  • The Flora of Australia
  • The Fauna in Australia
  • Dangerous Animals in the Water

Tour alongside the East Coast from Cairns to Sydney

  • Cairns - Starting Point of many Tours at the East Coast
  • Magnetic Island - dream Island with Dream Beaches
  • Townsville - Starting Point to Magnetic Island
  • Airlie Beach - Starting Point to the Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef

  • Main Island Whitsunday Island with the Whiteheaven Beach
  • Sailing Trip to the Whitsunday Islands
  • Great Barrier Reef

East Coast of Australia from Mackay up to Hervey Bay

  • Mackay - Sugar Capital of Australia
  • Rockhampton - Beef Capital of Australia
  • Stay in the famous Myella Farm
  • Bundaberg - Fruitpicking City for Restocking the Travel Budget
  • Ocean Turtles Breeding
  • Hervey Bay - Dream Beach of 10 km Length

Fraser Island - the biggest Sand Island of the World

  • Dingos (wild dogs) in Fraser Island
  • Important Tips for a Stay in Fraser Island
  • Lake Mac Kenzie
  • 75 Mile Beach
  • Elli Creek
  • Wrack Maheno
  • Indian Heads
  • Lake Wabby
  • 3-Day Cheep Safari in Fraser Island

Blue Mountains National Park

  • The Holiday Resort Noosa
  • The University City Brisbane
  • Blue Mountains - National parks close to the Metropolis Sydney

Sydney - Metropolis with 2 World Famous Emblems

  • General Things about the City - Opera and Harbour Bridge
  • Museums in Sydney
  • The Harbour of Sydney
  • More Sightseeings of the City

Outback - The No Man's Land of Australia

  • Alice Springs - The Gate to the Outback
  • The Kings Canyon in the Watarrka National Park
  • Ayers Rock - An emblem of Australia
  • The Olgas
  • 3-Day-Adventure Trip to Ayers Rock

Weather and Climate in Australia

  • Daytime and Nighttime Temperatures
  • Water Temperatures
  • Sunshine Hours per Day
  • Rainfall Days per Month
  • Climate Data of Cairns, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Alice Springs, Perth

Additional Information about Australia

  • Arrival
  • Customs
  • Road Traffic
  • Public Means of Transport
  • The Greyhound Australia Bus
  • Currency

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