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There is hardly another island that attacts each year so many tourists to visit it like Tenerife. Each week, approximately 100.000 tourists land on the island, this is more than 5 millions per year; Why do so many people feel like traveling to Tenerife? Is this due to the eternal spring time that is dominant in Tenerife? Is this due to the temperatures, that in the summer time seldom exceed 30°C and in the winter they fall equally seldom under 20°C? Is this due to the 220 sunny days that delights the island every year? Or is it the nearly unrivaled diversion that one can get in the island?

The Canary Islands

Many people call Tenerife the bath tube of Europe or the island of joy. Who are those blessed, the millions of tourists that spend every year their holiday there, the 700.000 inhabitants that live in this paradise during the whole year, or the countless retired people that choosed Tnerife as their residence for their evening of life?

The name Tenerife means, in the language of the guanchic aboriginees means something like mountain covered with snow. Of course, the Teide is meant with this, that is the highest mountain of Tenerife, of the Canarian Islands and even whole Spain with a height of 3718 m. With this, it becomes obvious why the spaniards call Tenerife as an island that is born from the fire .

Why is Tenerife an island of Great opposites? In the mornings, one can lie perspiringly in the sun in one of the many beaches, whereas at noon time, whereas in the midday, one is cold at a height of 3,000 metres and gazes at the Teide that is covered with snow. On a four laned motorway, one can drive to the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and gaze at the modern big city life. Only two hours further up to the Teno mountains, one has the feeling to be nearly alone on a desert island.

The weather can be also opposed: At normal north-east weather conditions marvelous sunshine, whereas in the north-east, there are big clowds over the island that even cause rain. In the south west of the island it is respectively dry, whereas in the north east, the colourful fauna flourishes.


General information about Tenerife

  • The origin of Tenerife
  • The history of Tenerife
  • Flora, fauna and nature

Barranco del Infierno - the most beautiful water fall of Tenerife

  • Adeje
  • Barranco del Infierno
  • Canyon, water fall

The National Park Teide in the core of the island Tenerife

  • Breakup in the early morning
  • The drive to the national park
  • Las Caņadas
  • Roques de Garcia
  • The Pico del Teide
  • The way back up to La Laguna

The Teno mountains in the north west of Tenerife

  • The Macizo de Teno
  • From Santiago del Teide to Masca
  • Masca - the most beautiful place of Tenerife
  • From Masca to Buenavista del Norte

Beaches of Tenerife

  • Playa de los Cristianos
  • Playa de las Vistas
  • Playa de las Américas
  • Playa de la Arena
  • Playa de San Marcos
  • Playa Jardín
  • Playa de las Teresitas
  • Playa del Médano
  • Playa de Tejita

The north of Tenerife

  • Garachico
  • Icod de los Vinos
  • La Orotava
  • Puerto de la Cruz

The Hotel Bahía Príncipe at the Costa Adeje

  • General information of the hotel
  • The pool landscape
  • The rooms in the hotel
  • The food and the restaurants
  • The drinks and the bars
  • The hotel staff
  • Organized activities, sports and entertainment
  • The guests of the hotel
  • Conclusion

Weather and climate in Tenerife

  • Day and Night temperatures
  • Water temperatures
  • Sunny hours per day
  • Rain fall days per month
  • Current weather and weather forecast of Tenerife

Airports of Tenerife

  • The international southern airport Reina Sofia

Additional information of Tenerife

  • Links to interesting pages about tenerife
  • Tips for a pleasant vacation in Tenerife

Car rental in the Canarian Islands

  • Orlando - Rent A Car
  • Moreno Car Rental
  • Tips for Renting a Car in the Canarian Islands

The Climate of the Canarian Islands

  • The Planetary Wind System in the Proximity of the Equator
  • The North-East Trade Wind
  • The Coriolis-Force
  • The Foehn
  • The Sea and the Sea Ground
  • The Canary Current

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