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The Romantic Lagoon City Venice

Viewing of a City where one only can get ahead on Foot or by Boat


Venice is indeed an Italian small city if one considers its number of inhabitants. But in reality, Venice is a significant world city with a big famousness that is somehow known by everybody, also if one has not been there. The same way a one associates the city Paris with the Eiffel Tower, with London the Big Ben or with Moskau the Kreml, the city Venezia is named in one breath with the famous gondolas and waterways. And of course, even as a person who has bever been there, one has already seen the world famous Piazza San Marco on TV and even if it was just for the reason that again, it was covered with water.

Venice belongs to those cities that one wants to have seen in any case. Finally, it is something special and very unique if there are no cars but ships driving through the city, when the main roads do not consist on asphalt but on water and when the houses are not standing on a dry ground but right on the saltwater.

But Venice of course offers much more than ships, gondolas and water streets. There are countless churches, thereunder such world famous ones as the San Marco Basilica, palaces and gorgeous buildings, nearly countless plazas and parks and of course a good dozen of partly excellent museums. But the actual totally fascinating thing of Venice cannot be described concretely: it is the possibility to promenade in a car-less city all over the huge labyrinth consisting on small streets and alleyways and passing thereby hundreds of small shops and probably buy one or two souvenirs or piece of clothes.


General Information about Venice

  • The History of Venice
  • Venice Today - The City Decays
  • A few Facts about Venice

A Trip on the Canal Grande

  • Piazzale Roma
  • Chiesa degli Scalzi
  • Palace beside Palace up to the Rialto-Bridge
  • The Rialto-Bridge
  • From the Rialto-Bridge up to the Accademia-Bridge
  • At the End of the Big S-Curve

Around the Piazza San Marco in Venice

  • The Piazza San Marco
  • The Campanile di San Marco
  • The Basílica di San Marco
  • The Palazzo Ducale

An extensive City Walk in Venice

  • Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo
  • Campo di Ghetto
  • Ponte dei Tre Archi
  • Palazzo Contarini del Bovolo
  • Riva Degli Schiavoni und Ponte Dei Sospiri

A Gondola Trip through the Channels of Venice

  • Gondola Trips in Venice
  • The Gondola - More than a simple Boat
  • The Gondola as a Means of Transport

Visit to the Neighbour Islands of Venice

  • The Island of Glassblowers Murano
  • The Cementery Island San Michele
  • Isola Di San Giórgio Maggiore
  • Burano and Torcello
  • Isola Della Giudecca

Carnival in Venice

  • Carnival
  • Masks and Costumes

The Hotel Bonvecchiati in Venice

  • The Situation of the Hotel
  • The Hotel Rooms
  • The Breakfast in the Hotel
  • Service and Personnel of the Hotel
  • Conclusion

Weather and Climate in Venice

  • Day and Night Temperatures
  • Sunshine Hours per Day
  • Rainfall Days per Month
  • Water Temperatures
  • Weather and Climate in General

Additional Information about Venice

  • Arrival by Car, with the Train or by Plane
  • Public Means of Transport - The Vaporetti<
  • Gondola Trips
  • Tips and Service Money in the Restaurant
  • Links to further Websites about Venice

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