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Transalp - Crossing the Alps with a mountain bike


What is actually a transalp? Transalp is the crossing of the Alps with a mountain bike. Most of the times, a transalp leads from northern to southern direction over numerous mountain passes.

The apparently first one was developed by the mountain guide Andi Heckmaier at a time when the mountain bike started to be successful. For him as a person from Oberstdorf, the starting point was practically determined, and the destination was supposed to be Riva at the Garda Lake. Therewith, the original Heckmaier-route was determined and cycled for the first time in the year 1989. One of the first routes that was made over the official adidas - challenge (Alp crossing competition), runs from Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Riva del Garda.

Most of the times, the transalp tours are made by some small groups of between two and ten mountain bikers. most of the times, the bikers are between five and ten days on tour. Instead of the kilometres, the altitude metres done are the measure of a transalp. The example of the "Via Claudia" that was already used by the Romans offers two different routes:

Light variant: 340 km and 3860 altitude metres, approximately 3 - 5 days
Heavy variant: 590 km and 20290 altitude metres, approximately 7 - 9 days

Meanwhile, there are, apart from the mountain bike crossing, also comptitions with the racing bike or even as mountain hiking tours.



The preparation of our Alp crossing tour

Stage 1 - Start in Miesbach

Cycling tour from Miesbach to Fügen in the Zillertal via Spitzing and Kaiserklamm
Length: 70,3 km
Altitude metres: 765 m

Stage 2: Zillertal, Austria

Cycling tour from Fügen to the Dominikus hut at the Schlegeis reservoir
Length: 48,9 km
Altitude metres: 1323 m

Stage 3: Sterzing, Italy

Cycling tour to St. Leonhard via the Pfitscherjoch and the Jaufenpass
Length: 80,4 km
Altitude metres: 1830 m

Stage 4: Meran (South Tyrol)

Cycling tour from St.Leonhard to St.Walburg in the Ultental via Meran
Length: 50,00 km
Altitude metres: 935 m

Transalp stage 5: Top of the pass Rabbijoch

Cycling tour to Dimaro via the Rabbijoch
Length: 48,50 km
Altitude metres: 1547 m

Stage 6 im Trentino, Italien

Cycling tour to Ponte Arche via Madonna di Campiglio
Length: 56,00 km
Altitude metres: 1657 m

Stage 7 - Arrival at the Lago di Garda

Cycling tour to the Garda Lake via Passo San Giovanni del Monte
Length: 36,5 km
Altitude metres: 1317 m

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