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Vienna: A Visit to the former Imperial City


Those who visit the capital of Austria, Vienna, will find a European Capital that is incredibly marked by its tradition and history. For many visitors, Vienna is a trip to the traces of Sisi. One finds everywhere monuments and buildings of the former monarchy. During a visit in the city of Habsburg, one will realise what a huge empire Austria had been and the power that it had.

But Vienna is not only a city of history but also a modern European capital with an unbelievable high living standard. Modern office buildings and business districts re as present as huge green complexes for relaxing. Everywhere are parks and benches spread all over the city for relaxing. And of course, at almost every corner there is a café where the famous breakfast of Vienna is offered.

Vienna offers an incredible abundance of sightseeings, countless churches, buildings and museums, several big castles with adjacent palace gardens and of course a vivid inner city where one can simply loaf and do some shopping.


General Information about Vienna

  • Numbers and Facts about the City Vienna
  • Imperial World of Habsburg
  • Vienna: World Metropolis of the Music
  • The International Political Significance of Vienna
  • Culinary Viands of the Cuisine of Vienna

History of the City Vienna and Austria

  • First Colonization by the Romans
  • Early Medieval Times
  • First Turk Colony in Vienna
  • Recatholization of Vienna by Ferdinand II.
  • Second Turk Colonization of Vienna
  • The Attraction of Vienna Continues Booming Under Maria Theresia
  • Vienna in Times of Revolution and Restauration
  • The Imperial and Royal Danube Monarchy
  • First World War
  • Vienna after the War: The Red Vienna
  • The Semifachism or Austrofachism
  • Austria at the Times of the National Socialism
  • Austria after the End of the War

The Hofburg in the Centre of Vienna

  • Something about the History of the Hofburg
  • Michael's Gate as the Gate of the "Old" Hofburg
  • Sisi Museum, Silver Chamber & Emperor Appartments
  • Ceremonial Room: PArt of the National Library of Today at the Joseph Plaza
  • Mundane and Spiritual Treasury
  • Helden Plaza and view to the new Hofburg

Castle Schönbrunn: Former Imperial Residence

  • Generalities about Visiting Schönbrunn
  • Something about the History of the Castle Schönbrunn
  • Viewing the Castle Schönbrunn
  • The Palace Garden
  • The Palm House
  • The Desert House
  • Labyrinth and Maze

Castle Belvedere in Vienna

  • History of Origination of Castle Belvedere
  • Viewing the Castles and the Palace Garden
  • Exhibitions

Churches of Vienna

  • St. Augustine's church
  • St. Michael's Church
  • St. Stephans Cathedral
  • St. Peter's Church
  • Votivkirche
  • Dominican Church
  • Jesuit Church
  • St. Charles Church
  • Capuchin's with Emperor's Crypt

Museums in Vienna - Visits

  • Natural History Museum
  • Art History Museum
  • Museumsquartier - Area of Arts on 60.000m²
  • Museum of Modern Arts - Donation Ludwig Wien in MQ
  • Leopold Museum in the Museumsquartier
  • Albertina: One of the most significant Graphic Collection of the World
  • Ceremonial Room: Part of the today's National Library at the Josefsplatz
  • Hofburg with Sisi Museum, Silver Chamber & Emperor's Appartments
  • Mundane and Spiritual Treasury chamber
  • Hundertwasser House
  • Vienna Kunsthaus

Parks in Vienna

  • Prater of Vienna with Big Wheel
  • History of the Prater of Vienna
  • Burggarten
  • Volksgarten
  • City Park of Vienna

Buildings and Edifices in Vienna

  • State Opera House of Vienna
  • Court Theatre (Burgtheater)
  • University
  • City Hall
  • Parliament
  • Vienna International Centre (VIC), UNO-City
  • Danube Tower

Hotel Le Meridien Vienna: Experience Report

  • Generalities about the Hotel
  • Reception Area and First Impression
  • Hotel Room
  • Service and Hotel Personnel
  • Eating and Drinking in the Hotel
  • Sports and Relaxation
  • Conclusion

Going Out in Vienna

  • Intenso: Italian Restaurant & Bar Lounge
  • Barbaro: Italian Restaurant & Café
  • Paulusstube: The oldest Heuriger of Vienna
  • Having Breakfast in the Cafés of Vienna

Weather and Climate in Vienna

  • Day and Night Temperatures
  • Sunshine Hours per Day
  • Rainfalls Days per Month
  • Best Travelling Time and Travelling Tips

Additional Information about Vienna

  • Public Transportation of Vienna
  • Shopping in Vienna
  • Links to some interesting Websites about Vienna

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