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New York City - The Secret Capital of the USA


It is hard to believe but true: I have spent in total 9 weeks of my life in the secret capital of USA. What does it mean, the "secret capital", you will surely ask yourself. Well, those who have already been in New York City and in the actual American capital Washington DC will understand this.

What is Washington DC compared with New York City? An average American big city with an inmense number of government buildings, indeed with nice parks and ways to relax but without a nighlife that is worth to mention and without a cultural program that would only approximate the one of New York City.


New York City - Travel Tips and Recommendations

  • Arrival by Plane
  • Accommodation Information: Hotels, Motels, Hostels
  • Shopping in New Jersey
  • Viewing the Statue of Liberty
  • Helicopter Flights
  • Boat Trip around Manhattan
  • Musicals, Cinemas, Theatre
  • Appointments in the City
  • Metropolitan Museum
  • Electronic Shops in New York City
  • Garbage, Waste
  • Having once an All-Night..

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