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Zermatt, the pearl at the bottom of the Matterhorn

Summer and winter vacation in the car free city with the most famous peak of the world


In the end of July 2003, we started from my former homeplace by the Lake Constance a little circle trip through Switzerland. The ferry took us to the other side of the Lake Constance, the motorway took us fastly into the mountainous country behind Zürich, first to the Zuger Lake and the to the Lake Lucerne. From there, we countinued southwards, up to the Furka-Pass and then down the whole Rhonetal until, after countless kilometres, we turned to the left and finally arrived to Zermatt.

We wanted to visit Zermatt for one or two days,as millions of tourists from all over the world do every year; thereafter, we were supposed to continue to Chamonix and some more interesting places in Switzerland. But the continuation of the journey came to nothing, as Zermatt enthused us at the first go in such a way, that we made a complete holiday of our short stay.

What is nicer than finding a little spot on earth that one likes so much, that one makes a full holiday of a little excursion? Zermatt, its mountains, its gleaciers, its grasslands, its brooks and the little city itself took a shine to us; we had a wonderful stay at the bottom of the Matterhorn that couldn't be nicer.

Our summer vacation in August 2003 in Zermatt was so beautiful, that soon, in April 2004, we added a winter holiday to it. The curiosity was high to see everything already seen in summer time, in the winter time, covered by a coat of sugar. The ski holiday in the winter was as beautiful and unforgettable as the hiking holiday was in the summer time. What a beautiful place, that can provide one either in the summer as also in the winter time an unforgettable dream holiday!


General information of Zermatt

  • Where exactly is Zermatt actually?
  • Why is Zermatt so famous, popular and often visited?
  • Hiking in Zermatt: on the steps of the Walser
  • How Zermatt became a touristic metropolis area

The Matterhorn - the most famous peak of the world

  • Why is the Matterhorn so famous?
  • The structure of the Matterhorn
  • How is the Matterhorn originated?
  • Visit to the Matterhorn

Gorner Glacier and Gornergrat

  • Trip to the Gornergrat with the Gornergrat-Monte-Rosa-Railway
  • Hiking tour to the glacier gate
  • Hiking tour to the glacier garden
  • Hiking through the wildly romantic Gorner canyon
  • Crossing the glacier to the Monte-Rosa-Hut

Trip to the Klein Matterhorn (3883m)

  • Klein Matterhorn
  • Gondola trip
  • View
  • Ice grotto
  • View to the Breithorn
  • View to the Berner Alps

The hiking and view peak Rothorn

  • Trip or hiking tour to the Sunnegga
  • From Sunnegga to the Blauherd
  • Trip or hiking tour from the Blauherd to the Rothorn
  • Hiking tour to the Stellisee and to the Fluhalp
  • Grindji Lake and Grünsee

Gorgeous hiking tour to the Schwarzsee (2582m)

  • Hiking tour from Zermatt to Zmutt (1936m)
  • From Zmutt to the Stafelalp (2200m)
  • From the Stafelalp to the Schwarzsee (2582m)

Overnight stay, Going out, Eating in Zermatt

  • Hotels and accommodations in Zermatt
  • My hotel tip: the Seiler-Hotel Nicoletta
  • Going out, Eating and Drinking in Zermatt

The trip to Zermatt from Germany

  • The motorway: fast but boring
  • Without car: with the Glacier Express St. Moritz - Zermatt
  • Seafaring from Zürich over Lucern up to Andermatt
  • Alongside the Rhine from Chur to Andermatt
  • The little mountain village Andermatt
  • Spectacular pass jouney from Andermatt to Visp
  • Driving up the Nikolaital from Visp to Zermatt

The Rhone Glacier

  • Rhone Glacier
  • Glacier hiking
  • More information of glaciers
  • Head area, bottom area, glacier snout
  • Crevasses, vertical cracks, horizontal cracks
  • Morains

The big Aletsch Glacier

  • With the Jungfraubahn to the Jungfraujoch
  • With the gondola from Fiesch to the Eggishorn
  • Some information about the Aletsch Glacier

Zermatt in the winter - ski holiday par excellence

  • Life in Zermatt during the winter time
  • The climate of Zermatt in the winter
  • The ski area of Zermatt
  • The Klein Matterhorn in the winter
  • Conclusion

Additional information about a holiday in Zermatt

  • Hiking in Zermatt
  • The mountain trains of Zermatt
  • Winter activities for non-skiers
  • Links

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