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Bolivia - pure nature and culture!


Holiday in Bolivia means pure nature and culture. Bolivia is not the right country for sun, beach and sea. A hiking tour to Palca Canyon, the viewing of the world famous sun gateway and a boat trip on the Titicaca makes a trip to Bolivia to an unforgettable experience. Have good fun on our Bolivian pages!


General information about Bolivia

  • Regional studies
  • Population, economy and politics

The capital La Paz - A city with records

  • History of Bolivia and La Paz
  • Flight to La Paz and arrival
  • A city viewing tour in La Paz
  • Food, accommodation and entertainment in La Paz

The Palca Canyon - Hiking and Tracking

  • Approach through the suburds of La Paz
  • Hiking tour through the canyon to Palca
  • Return to La Paz and short side trip to the Valle de Luna

Tiwanaku and the famous Sun Gateway

  • Drive over the Altiplano to Tiwanaku
  • What was Tiwanaku at all?
  • Museum and tour through Tiwanaku
  • Intipunku - The sun gateway of Tiwanaku

The world famous Titicaca Lake

  • General Information, Visit
  • Hiking Tour, Boat Trip

Copacabana and hiking tour to Sampaya

  • Boat tript
  • Basilica
  • Hiking tour to the Serro Sampaya
  • View to the Titicacasee
  • Place Sampaya

Isla del Sol - Sun Island

  • Ecolodge La Estancia
  • Hiking tour through the legendary island
  • The Huatia - A traditional cooking method
  • Saying good bye to the sun island

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