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Wheather and Climate in Tenerife


Tenerife is an island on which one can make holidays during the whole year. Either in the sommer as also in the winter time one can either lie in the sun and have a bath in the sea. During the whole year, the day temperatures are betwenn pleasant 20 and 30C. Thus, is is never unbearably hot in Tenerife. During the summer months, also the night temperatures are practicaly never under 20C, but in the winter months the temperature falls at night to "cold" 15C, so that if one goes out in the evenings should take a jumper with him/her.

Upper bar: Daily average temperatures; lower bar: average temperatures at night

The gentle spring weather of the whole year in Tenerife is due to the north eastern tradewind, a permanent wind tide coming from the north-eastern direction, as also the Canarian tide, a permanent sea tide coming from the north in direction to the equator. This constant sea tide makes sure that in Tenerife, there are quite constantly water temperatures about 20C. The water is fresh, clean and nutritious, so that there are a lot of fishes in the zone of the island.

Of course, in the summer time there ar emore sunny hours than in the winter time; Also the number of the rainy days is in the winter significantly higher than in the summer. However, in Tenerife there also some rainfalls in the summer time, so that a vacation in Tenerife should not be dome without having a coat in the luggage. Also during a hike is occasionally happens that one is surprise by a short rain shower.

The peak of the Teide divides the climate of the island in an north-eastern an a south-western area. In the north east of the island, the tradewind clowds are stopped by the high mountains and forced to ascend. During the ascension, the air colds down and there are rainfalls; The air masses that crossed the highly located national park, fall as dry and warm air in the southwest back to the valley. This is the reason why it often happens that it rains at the north east side of Tenerife, while in the south west one can lie on the beach and have a sun bath. Specially in the winter months it is a big advantage to be at the side that is averted from the air, thus live in the south west of the island.

In total it can be confirmed that in Tenerife, during the whole year it is spring time. There is no unbereable hot summer, as one would expect from these regions with this degree of latitude, and there is no cold winter. The temperatures are balanced and pleasant, either the air as also the water temperatures. The occasional rain falls make the island to be green and flourishing. Of course, a trip to the peak of the Teide is fascinating, if during the morning, one was still lying in the beach and in the afternoon one gets in touch with some snow!

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