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Nea Peramos

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Nea Peramos - the beaches Ammolofoi


The beaches of Nea Peramos, that are named Ammolofoi (translated: sand hill) and belong to the most beautiful beaches of Greece or even Europe, are a little hidden between Kavalla and Eleftheroupoli. From the main street of the little city Nea Peramos, a side street gives rise (at the corner, there is a seller of beach items in front of a gas station) that leads for about 5 kilometres alongside grape-vines and a byzantine ruin located on a hill in direction to the sea.

Nea Peramos

In that branch-off, our popular betting was created "Heads, Tail or Gone", as day by day, a pitiful horse popped out behind a corner of a house; sometimes with the head, sometimes with the backside, and sometimes it was not there at all. So, if people are searching the Ammolofoi beach and see the backside of a horse, then they should turn to the right in the next branch-off.

Our destination was clearly defined, as a local person recommended us the beach of the "Liquid Beach Bar". Passing some fruit stands and several beach bars with immense advertising signs and owned parling places that were partly roofed, we continued driving on a road that went parallel to the sea, until the "Liquid"-sign led us to a path at the left to a dusty piste. We followed it until the flags of the bar were flattering highly visible in the wind.

Nea Peramos

Even at the week-ends, finding a parking place was not very problematic, so that we did not have to take unneccessary ballast in form of stress with us to the beach. Instead, we were equipped with a cool bag (greek melons are dirt-cheap and a manisfestation of flavour), air beds, a beach ball and a frisbee.

Already the first sight to the widely extended and never crowded sand beach, the blue sea and the island Thassos at a distance was more than enthusiastic. Moreover, there were sufficient deck chairs and parasols, that were very helpful to our project "Sunbathing without sunburn". They belonged to the "Liquid Beach Bar" and could be used by having only one drink there (I recommend: frappé + 0,5 litre cold, still water: 3,50 €), that is conveniently brought to the deck chair, can be used during the whole day.

Nea Peramos

It was simply perfect at this place: the beach resulted to be flat and very clean, the water was clear as cristall and the staff was not intrusive at all. Additionally, the section of the beach located at the bar was sounded by a music that could not be overbidden in the respect of relaxing. The soft drum & bass-tones, respectively peppered with some jazzy piano-interludes, never pressured to the foreground and did not disturb for a moment. Just the opposite: we asked what kind of cool stuff this is that was played and we got immediately offered to get some into a USB-stick or a memory card.

Nea Peramos

At the other bars, and there are far more than ten in this section, we heard that there were much more young people, as the music was completely different: that is, probably no relaxing at all, therefore party ad infinitum. But here, everybody can decide by himself what he feels like. However, this beach is highly recommendable for families, as it is located at a bay and there are no malicious ocean currents and barely waves. Partly there are even inflatable big toys that are metres-high and firmly fixed at the seaground and available for eveybody.

During the peak season between June and August, the water of the Aegean sea is up to 30C, but due to the high air temperature it is still refreshing. And the tip of our informant was dead right, not only because of the music and the extensive sports offers (beach-tennis, beach-volleyball and beach-soccer), but also because the amount of tourists was really moderated and the sanitary facilities were clean and free of charge.

The biggest part of the beach visitors was made by local people of the hinterland, and if somebody was speaking german than it was mainly by greeks who lived in Germany and were having vacations at home. Those who are up for should definitely stay until the sunset and place the deck chair up to the water, as it stays lovingly warm and the setting sun colours the sea and the mountains around in soft shades of pastel and the beach is nearly deserted.

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