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Public Means of Transport

As a visitor of Stockholm one should at all costs abstain from getting into the trafic turmoil with the own or a rented car if one has not booked a room in an hotel outside the city; Apart from the fact that there are barely free parking spaces, everybody who ever tried in the Ruhr to cross one of the Ruhr bridges by the time of finishing of the working day, can imagine how it is during the whole day in Stockholm. Additionally one should know that parking wrong is very strictly avenged and could be charged with 75 euros.

Due to the special distribution of the city at 14 islands there is a public traffic network that additionally to the upper and lower country way also uses the waterways. Apart from bus lines that either operate on each of the islands as also between them, the subway (Tunnelbana) is the main transport mean in the area of the inner city islands. Both variants are cheap, easy on the nerves, punctualy and saves long waiting times, as they operate with a frequence of only a few minutes.

But what is specially attractive is to change within the islands with one of the pedestrian ferries. A trip costs an equivalent of 3,50 euros and should made at least once, as the perspective to the city is completely different. It is rather not recommendable to take a taxi in case one does not have a long way to the hotel in a late night hour. But the reason for this is not that Stockholm is specially dangerous but that at this time, there is no public transportation working except taxis; Taking a taxi in Stockholm is very expensive and can be avoided by taking the last public transport vehicle.

The most flexible and cheapest mean of transport in Stockholm are the own feet. It is the best way to explore the city. Those who are often on the way in Stockholm should consider to purchase a Stockholm card. It costs the equivalent of 35 euro (Price of 2007) and includes the use of nearly all public means of transportation as also the visit of nearly all museums and parks. It can be purchased for example in the house of Swedes (Sverigehuset), Hamngatan 27, and is valid for 24 hours.

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