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Nightlife in Madrid: A City that never Sleeps


Saturday morning, 8 o' clock. I am standing with my friend Kora and out hiking rucksacks at the theatre of the tube station La Latina and we are waiting to be picked up in order to got to the mountains.

"Are you looking for a place to sleep? I still have some space", a maybe 25 year old guy says to us, who appears to be drunk; We look a little puzzled and reject politely. Shortly after the Spaniard disappeared, a car passes by and stops at the traffic light. The window is pulled down and two other Spaniards offer us an accommoation for the case we need one.

We must have made a homeless impression to the last party people, who went home not earlier that 8 o' clock - or it seems to be usual in Madrid that after a hard night, the girls get some dubious sleeping places offered.

What is so special on going out in Madrid?

The nightlife of Madrid is unique and despite of the other capitals of Europe that are famous for their partys and nightlife, something special. One reason for this is surely the climate. Specially in the summer months, the evening lfe takes place on the streets and the terraces. In the weekends, even children can be seen at half part midnight on the Plaza Santa Ana! It simply belongs to the Madrilenean life to loaf in the late evening through the alleyways and to finish the evening in company on the terrace of a bar. But also the visitors are enchanted by the evening flair and enjoy the evening walk through the beautiful oldtown where in the evening is oftenly music played.

View to the chain of lights of Madrid The Puerta del Sol - a popular meeting point for night lovers

Most of the times, it is wilder amongst the younger people: also during the week, almost every day people go out and have a party. This is surely also caused by the tourists who stronggly contribute to the nightlife. Specially in the week-ends, mainly young people who look foreign are invited to clubs where partys specially for tourists take place in the centre .

On weekends, the whole city seems to be on its feet: most of the times, the starting point is the Puerta del Sol, from which people like to go to a bar and start the evening like this. One or two tapas are convenient for a refreshment, then they get really started; After that, the discos get really crowded from 2.00 o' clock. Some clubs even do not open until 02.00 or 02.30 .m., but close not earlier than 08.00 a.m..

Popular district for going out

Where is the best place to get out in Madrid? Those who love to visit cinems, theatres and shows will be right in the area of the Gran Vía (L1, L5). In the districts around Puerta del Sol (L1, L2, L3), Huertas (Metro Sol), Manuel Becerra (L2, L6), Malasa˝a (Metro Tribunal L1, L10), La Latina (L5) und Chueca (L5) it is even more loud and active: there are countless clubs and discos. In Chueca, there is an ambience of its own: the district is known for its gay scene. Once a year, there is a party a complete weekend through for which visitors come from many countries.

Those who prefer some calm and relaxed evenings would like to finish the evening at the subway stations Lago (L10) and Casa de Campo (L5): enjoying an excellent wine in one of the numerus terraces - what else?

An evening tour through Madrid

The last sun rays make the Templo de Debot that is located close to the Plaza Espa˝a (L6, L10) glisten one more time bevor the sun goes down. Slowly, the illumination of the temple gets visible, which emission provides an even more good looking image than during the day.

Wonderful: the sunset at the Templo de Debot The temple in the dark The illuminated palace The cathedral The Plaza Mayor in the late evening: many already pushed along Typical VIP-passports and invitations to the clubs Also the police is active in this time The Plaza Santa Ana in Huertas

We slowly start our way in direction to the centre and pass the Palacio Real and the cathedral that glance in the darkness from distance; Right after the cathedral we turn to the right and get to the Calle de Segovia with its romantic side streets at which side trip to a tapa bar is worthwhile. After a refreshment, we approach the centre of the district Latina that is one of the most beautiful districts for an evening walk. We turn into the Calle Andrés and walk up the numerous flat stairs in direction to the Plaza San Andrés. The water briskly splashes in some small and illuminated fountains. Many night lovers are sitting around the fountain; young and old people.

At some corners, there are some homeless people sleeping on some matrasses; in other corners, some merchants sell jewelry and souvenirs. Both groups, homeless and merchants, seem strange but not out of place.

Through the small alleyways we get to the Calle de Toledo and approach one of the archways of the Plaza Mayor where there is a hustle and bustle. Asians offer some massages, people enjoy a sangría in one of the cafés and listen to the Guitar sounds of the musicians, young tourists look into the city map and talk about where to go next.

We continue further on a small alleyway to the Calle Mayor and to the Puerta del Sol, the most popular meeting point for going out at night. Around the Puerta del Sol, La Latina and Plaza Santa Ana (Huertas), some people often distribute VIP-passports or free entrances with a drink for free in a club, thing that is a very advantageous alternative compared to the normal entrance fee that sometimes can be up to 20 euro.

There are a lot of clubs located at the Plaza Santa Ana where one can get in and out if one wants to change the style of music. Most of the times, these clubs are well frequented, mainly by a young audience. Those who have still some Energy can be refreshed after the long night as a Madrilenean in a Chocolatería with some real Madrilenean Churros con chocolate.

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