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Hotel Blau Porto Petro Beach Resort in Mallorca


After the season of open air bathing was also over in sunny and warm Munich by mid of September 2006, we really felt like having some holiday sun on the beach. As per our schedule, we had to decide quickly and as we only had ten days at our disposal, we did not want to spend all the time in the plane; What would be closer than the Balearic Islands? Indeed, by thinking of Mallorca, what immediately corssed our minds was Ballermann 6 (german pub with bad reputation)and the huge crowds from which we already wanted to escape, as it was the time of the Oktoberfest in Munich, but the many enthusiastic reports of some of our friends made us at least curious about "the other side of Mallorca".

After a short brainstorming it was clear for us what we were up to: to be able to plan individually, thus, no travel packages, but anyway incomplex....first class hotel with a five stars service, best if located right at the beach, thus perfectly to get some rays and relax... and if we felt like... a little water sports... high quality food with lots of diversion which is, additionally, also tasty,... a relaxed and likeable audience that neither is too donnish in the restaurant nor too chavvy at the swimming pool... and further, a nice environment to discover... what more do you want?

Anyway, we were up to the perfect beach holiday! ...and we will be pleased to explain in this purely subjective report of experience why we recommend without any doubt Blau Porto Petro Hotel to everybody who is seeking similar things in Mallorca.

Decision for choosing the Hotel Porto Petro Blau through the internet

As per our seach criteria like "5 stars" and "direct access to the beach" we soon came across the Porto Petro Beach Resort of the hotel chain named Blau. After the first sight, the hotel seemed to be huge to us and the little location Porto Petro seemed not to be considered as an insider tip in the travel guide, so we continued to look for more offers.

Finally, we did discover the homepage of the hotel which was not only full of detailed information but also offered quite atmospheric pictures. Without further ado we then called the 'Club blaues Meer' (club blue ocean) and got some further information provided by a clerk who had been already there and transmitted a quite satisfied impression to us.

The hotel complex

The hotel complex is located in the center of a bosky nature reserve and extended over a coast of 900 m length with two little and pretty bay beaches and limits on one side to the harbour Porto Petro which is still quite primordial.

Map of the hotel

On the map at the left which can be amplified by clicking on it, you can see very well the location of each of the buildungs and devices; Although the distances might seem huge at first sight, everything is easy to access by walking on well expanded paths or by getting a lift on one of the free hotel buggies which are available around the clock.

View to the beach bay greened with pine trees

Porto Petro Blau opened only a part of the complex in the year 2005 and then newly reopened in the season of 2006. The buildings of the previuosly settled Club Med have been completely demolished in the year 2000/01 with exception of a little part and according to the governmental burdens that are tougher since 10 years, it has been completely retreated in the respect of the environment and hygiene. The original pine asset has been kept in large parts of the complex and therefore it gives an impression of a natural growth. Each of the komplex buildings are harmonically embedded into the green landscape without being dominant in the panorama. Despite of many well-kept flower beds which scent is very impressive, especially by having a walk at night, in some areas there is still more time needed until the complex is completely planted.

Relaxing in the nice Spa

The characteristic of the hotel is a high quality standard that is not only noticeable in the choice of the food or in the being of the staff, but also in the objects for the daily use in the rooms or in the restaurant, as there are always things to find of namable german brands. So it isn't surprising that this hotel is considered as one of the great hotels of the world and straight handled in four of four possible categories that involve the areas of spa, golf, romantic and business. Thus, it is not an typical beach hotel that is infested purely by bathers, but appears in many facets for luxury spoiled guests that finally results in quietness, recovery and enjoyment for all. The visitors of a congress and beach vacationers, both have their respective quietness due to the division of the complex.

Arrival and first impression

From the airport, the way to the hotel is well signposted, first in the direction to Llucmajor over the motorway and after approximately 15 minutes you are there; In Porto Petro, we followed the signs that indicated the way to the hotel and all of a sudden we abruptly stood with our car in front of the hotel entrance. Against our expectations to come upon a huge hotel block that perhaps is already visible from a far distance - a complete different, rather discretely modest entrance appeared to us.

The quite rudimental palms

The fact that the palms that fluttered scantily green-coloured was compensated by the friendly reception. The doormen took care of our suitcases and parked the car in a free parking place just around the corner. The spanish female receptionist welcomed us friendly in good understandable german and explained us the facilities of the complex with the help of a little map.

Exclusive Lobby

In general, it seemed to be a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere in which we immediately felt comfortable. It happens too often specially in luxury hotels that due to the rather donnish atmosphere, either from the staff's and also from the guest's side, the relaxed feeling of holiday is missing. But here, it was different. No matter who of the staff we met or with whom we talked... in spite of the exclusive atmosphere it appeared to be relaxed in a very natural way.

Wonderful view from the suites to the pool and the sea

During the check-in we could already get a first foretaste of the service-orientation of the staff which was discreet and attentive. The concierge for example, who stood a little distant by our luggage, observed that we could not find our passports in the rucksack and before we even had the idea he came with our second rucksack with the right content. Those are the little situations during the holiday in which the staff helps by their own thoughts and anticipate the next step with easyness and without any big ado so that they transmit a feeling of smoothness. We were very pleased to be able to experience many of such situations and this pleasant feeling actually last, in the respect of the hotel, up to the end of the holiday.

After the clearance of all formalities, the concierge took us to the room that was close. Here, we were also very surprised. The furniture had a beautiful modern design, a bottle of wine and fresh fruit were placed on the table as a welcome gift and the admirable sight to the sea and the sparely visited swimming pool right underneath our room induced such an enthusiasm to us that we immediately took the chance to refresh ourselves in the pool.

The rooms of the hotel

The hotel offers four categories with a total of 319 units to choose from: 210 double-rooms, 48 junior-suits and 10 villas. Except the villas that are built at ground level, the other rooms are placed in 11 straightforward house units in a maximum of three floors, each with a lift and some rooms are handicapped accessible. The living complexes are built in the shape of the terrace and do not appear too beamy due to their little apportionment that is visible from the exterior.

Due to the aligment of the buildings to their respective bay, approximately 80 % of the rooms have a sea view. Even though this view only in few of the rooms matched to what is the classic idea of of a sea view up to the horizon, the panorama of sea, cliff-lined coast, bay, pool, pines or the combination of all of them are indeed not without appeal. In this respect we wondered in the forefront of our reservation that it was not possible to book "a room with sea view" at extra charge, but our wish was highly fulfilled by means of our previous appeal by fax.

The terrace-shaped architecture in maximum 3 floors

Before I go into detail of the different categories I would like to mention the special features which with all rooms are equipped. The reason why there are no disadvantages in this rubric is that this time there were no disadvantages and this is simply due to the fact that we could not find anything that we could have mentioned by our subjective experience.

Not only the furniture of all rooms of modern design specially pleased us but specially the equipment that we found to be surprisingly comfortable during our stay. During the check-in, we not only got our two personal room cards but also an extra card for the electricity in the room. The air conditioner that could be adjusted at three levels provided also during our absence a pleasantly chilled room.

In other hotels I had experienced too many times that the air conditioner could be activated only if oneself was in the room with the key card. As a consequence, by entering into the room you first got a heat-shock and you had to cool the room with full power. This is not pleasant, neither for the well being nor for the health. Thus, a big plus factor for the possibility to cool the room down to a pleasant night temperature during dinner time in order to abstain from using the air conditioner during the night.

What is absolutely trend-setting is the facility of an own internet connection in all rooms. Those who brought their own notebook and mains adapter are able to surf for free in the internet for unlimited time in DSL velocity. I have never experienced such a service in an hotel before. For those who go on holiday without a computer (most people), there are three computers with internet access available in the lobby for free. If questions or problems come up, there is the posibility to approach directly to an hotel's contact person specialised in this matters: the internet-concierge.

Finally there is an hotel in which the guests have a free and comfortable internet access, thus to their emails available. I have experienced some other 5 star hotels where one had to pay a lot of money for 1 hour internet surfing and then struggle with old computers of the lowest velocity to get connected.

Each room has a safe in the cupboard that can be used for free. Even if this service seems to be self-evident to us, we have been quite often disappointed if in other hotels an extra charge was required for this service and often, the amount was more than 20 euros per week. The safe was big enough for a laptop and a full camera equipment.

All rooms have a large terrace or balcony in direction to the sea, one of the pools or bays. The additional choice of cushions is also very nice. In the cupboard, there are cushions of a different size and density. It is self-evident that all rooms have 2 telephones. The TV's are modern devices with a SAT connection. Thus, the choice of several german tv-programs is not a problem.

In each bath-room with floor heating the bath, the shower and the toilet are separated, further there is a hair dryer, a beauty mirror, bath robes and slippers. With the full electronical bathroom scale indeed it will not be possible to control one's weight but, after all, to watch how it increases due to the good food. The additional stool in the bathroom proves not to be wrong for the case the shock after having weighed oneself is too big so that there is the possibility to sit down.

If you feel like having a coffee or a tea in between, there is no need to call directly the room service, but you can opt to help yourself with a little choice of hot drinks available and the water boiler. Additionally, the minibar offers, beside the snacks and beverages available, enough space to chill your own drinks.

Room service: Those who book 5 stars probably do not want to abstain from the double room service. From the late afternoon on, the beds are prepared for the sleeping time and one finds beside the chocolate as a bedtime-sweet a card with the weather forecast for the next day. I have never seen such a little attention before in an hotel: finally one gets the weather forecast free delivered to the door and there is no more need to ask at the reception how the weather will be the next day. That way, it was possible to plan the next day during dinner.

Double room: modern and generous facilities

Double rooms: generously arranged with a choice of one or two beds

Here, it is possible to express one's wishes per fax or e-mail to the hotel before departure regarding the floor (top, bottom, middle), location (for examle close to the spa or restaurant) or view. But there is not to forget that each of the accomodations are easy to access on foot (indeed, it takes more time) or quickly with the hotel buggie.

The double rooms have a size of approximately 35 m² and either they have a big kingsize bed or two wide single beds. In this concern, it is recomended to send a fax in advance without fail if a couple with different names does not want to get split for the night in a double room of two beds. There is an additional couch that can be used as a further possibility to sleep. Also, each room has a little desk so that there is a way to work there or to write a post card.

The junior suits and the suits

With a size of approximately 42 m² the junior suits are a little bigger than the normal double rooms, but therefore, the living area and the sleeping area are optically separated by a small elevation and/or wall.

Suite Suite

Most of the suites are located in both of the residential buildings straight at the upper pool and due to their alignment, they offer an excellent view to the sea. Their size of 52 m² gives a feeling of being in a small two room appartment. At the left of the picture there is a generously arranged living area that is separated from the bedroom by a door. From here, there is access to a second shower and toilet.

The bathroom that is accessible through the bedroom (at the right of the picture) is equipped with two wash basins, a bath, a bath tube, a separated shower and the toilet. The terrace and/or balcony is accessible from both rooms and with 17 m², they offer enough space for two seats and/or two sunloungers.

The villas: non-recurring luxury in Mallorca

Although the price for the villa was beyond our financial budget, we were curious to see some of the villas. Due to the spacial division of the villas it seemed that they are specially booked by families with children in order to live like in an own little luxury house.


In fact, as we went through the entry we were already speechless. If one is used to the access to the own room or suite that is also used by others, the entrance area of the villa already impresses with its exclusive visual protection. Through a small corridor, one arrives either in a fully equipped kitchenette (micro wave, big refrigerator, cooker, etc.) as also in to a generously arranged living room with two bed-couchs. Herein, there is also a DVD player with a little choice of films.


Each villa has two extra bedrooms. One of them has a king-size bed in the other one there are wide single beds. Even if the design of the furniture is similar to the one of the suites and rooms, the choice of the colours, pictures and the complete interior is a little bit more glamorous and exclusive. The terrace with a size of 45 m² is also gorgeos. Depending on the way it is equipped, there is a private jacuzzi or a private pool in order to splash undisturbed.

In case one really wants to afford this luxury, he can plan before departure which services of the butler he will require, as this butler will be on ones disposal around the clock and this is included in the price.

Staff: friendly and committed

We were surprised by the internationality with which the staff is represented. Once we asked for more information we were said that within the team there are 33 different nationalities. What is of course more important to us than the origin, is that the service is coupled with amiability and the natural readiness to be pleased to fulfill the guests' wishes. In the previous text we have already mentioned the service-oriented mentality of the staff.

In the restaurant: of course, we also experienced, specially with younger staff members, that there was some insecurity in the contact with the guests. But what positively impressed us in this concern was the way the staff members dealed with each other which also had a positive effect to the guests. The older, more experienced staff members took the youngsters aside and explained in a quiet tone how to deal so that they could be motivated to continue learning in a fearless atmosphere and they frequently smiled.

Room service: very proper, very friendly... no complaints

Audience: luxury spoiled and pleasantly affable

Surely, the sympathy to certain people is something very subjective. We do feel comfortable if the atmosphere is relaxed in a natural way and unforced, but this does not mean that everybody should approach us boundlessly in clogs of Birkenstock and hawai shirts to ask for the all-inclusive offer with entertainment program. Nevertheless, we like a certain level of luxury and higher standard and appreciate the sensual indulgence. We would describe ourselves as hedonists rather than explicit connoisseurs and simply feel comfortable among like-minded people. And this is the way it was.

Although the slogan 'German spoken' doesn't sound to be complicated, nothing is more deterrent to us than being holiday in a foreign country and to come upon loads of germans at each corner. So much the better that in the hotel, we could hear the people talking in many different languages. Beside german people there were particularly some spaniards, englishmen, french, swiss, belgians ans italians.

Actually we were informed by the hotel that the german visitors are just under a third of the total of the hotel guests. The lion's share is made by the spaniards, and this is really rare in Mallorca.

Also the average age was mixed. Due to the price segment and the curent time of the year (autumn) we rather expected a majority of retired people but were surprised by the multitude of young couples with preschool children. The little enthusiastic swimmers provided a jolly diversion without annoying anybody by being too noisy and the parents rather gave the impression of being in a playful competition of who brought the most colourful rubber duck.

The guests of Porto Petro are split into beach vacationers and participants of a congress. Even though there were days in which during the breakfast one felt the wish to reserve a sunlounger at the pool due to the multitude of people, this impression is missleading as one hardly notices the congress bustle. There is lots of space, either at the pool and in the hotel beach and it is amusing to look at the posh business people sweating in their suits which sweetens the dip into the cool water even more.

Food and beverages: an absolute highlight!!!

Originally, we booked our rooms with breakfast only. But after we could convince ourselves of the food quality we locally booked demipension in addition. Until we were there we could not know why the offer is at such a high price level. If one books with demipension or full board, not only the softdrinks as juices and coke during the meals are included but also a very good choice of wines and coffee.

All meals are offered as buffets unless one decides to dine in one of the three restaurants where one can eat à la carte. No matter at what time of the day, the food is always of a high quality standard and can be freshly prepared by cook as per wish so that one can watch him preparing your meal and there is an additional wellness-buffet offered in which one can get extra light food and whole food.

Breakfast at Ran de Mar

One of the breakfast stands in Ran de Mar

Normally, breakfast is served in the buffet restaurant. Here, you start the day with a view to the sea and the sunrise with a breakfast that fulfills everyone's wishes. The wide choice of cheese, cold cuts and fish, marmelades, cornflakes, bread, rolls, toast, fruit, scrambled eggs, cakes, freshly pressed juices, sparkling wine... not only dinner is ate in several courses.

The highlight surely are the omelettes and fried eggs of all kinds that are freshly prepared as per one's wish. An absolute MUST ar ealso the muffins and croissants of several kinds . Superb!

Luch and dinner in Ran de Mar

We ourselves didn't get any lunch there because we booked semipension, but according to the other guest's statements it is as rich and high classed as the buffet for dinner is. In the evenings, one has again the opportunity to choose between the buffet or to eat à la carte in one of the restaurants that are described below.

In simple words... the dinner was simply fantastic! Any time we went there we were again delighted and first ambled with pleasure through all the buffet walks in order to enter optically in a pleasant anticipation by the fantastic ingredients. As pre-course we always had some prawns, scampi, calamari and sepia that were prepared with lots of garlic , no to forget the fresh clam shells and mussels. We continuously heaved a pleasant moaning and the facial expressions and gestures of the people at the neighbour table let us know that the food was a success.

Delicious chocolates and tartlets for dessert

Of course, there were also plenty of fresh salads, either to be arranged by oneself or already deliciously dressed. As main course, there was a choice of two kinds of blue white fish and meat (the lamb was very tender, the scotch filet was top class!) and could watch the cooks preparing the food. Additionally, every day there was a prepared speciality as quail, dorado in a salt crust or sucking-pig, and the side dishes were also available for different kinds of tastes. Thank god there were also french fries or pasta with different sauces, things that were not only for the little guests a welcomed good and solid alternation. The choice of table wines that were included in the price is also worth to mention. Even if this slogan sounds odd: it was wothwhile!

After the event we do not know any more what was the most delicious. Everything was simply divine; Also the desserts: beside fresh fruit and a good assortment of cheese there were three sorts of ice cream with different toppings and granules for garnishing... and then the little tartlets, baisers, chocolates and cakes! Delicious... and then the tasty coffe that is included in the price, just wow!

The restaurants and bars

There are a total of four restaurants: a buffet restaurant, a japanese specialitity restaurant a spanish restaurant and a gourmet restaurant. If one booked half pension or full board he can use beside the buffet restaurant also a the spanish or the japanese restaurant and it is included in the price. In case of the gourmet restaurant, 50 % of the menu price is to be paid.

Buffet restauraunt Ran de Mar

Ran de Mar is a big restaurant extended alongside a big panorama window with view to the sea. Unfortunately, it is not possible to sit outside in a terrace, like in Galani or Midori, but this does not reduce the fantastic view that one has from here up to the light house at the other side of the bay.

Nice views at Ran de Mar

Concerning the amiability and attention of the staff, I have to say they did an excellent job. If the inrush for dinner is not too strong yet in the restaurant, the waiters take each opportunity to top up ones glass and to remove the used dinnerware.

It was a little displeasing at the times when there were several guests at the same time. Then the staff was drowning in work and the speed of work that was needed caused a certain bustle so that one had to wait quite a long time to get the ordered coffee, we had our glasses empty for at least several minutes and once we came upon a dessert buffet that, to our amazement, was totally emptied and was refilled after we asked a waiter for it.

Japanese speciality restaurant Midori

Japanese restaurant Midori

One day we treated ourselves to a change and went to the japanese restaurant; The restaurant's name is Midori and completely decorated in red and black. There, you can either sit inside and also outside in the terrace. A table is to be booked in advance and one can dine there à la carte but included in the price.

There are three courses in the menu and for each there was a little but, as we found, fine choice of different dishes that where tasty prepared. When we were there, there were only 3 other guests and the friendly waiter served us courteously.

I would like further to mention that eating japanese food does not neccessarily mean to eat sushi, thus raw fish. There are very normal asian meat dishes with vegetables, noodles and rice served on very nice plates.

Spanish speciality restaurant

We were really looking forward to the specialities of Mallorca and Spain. But unfortunately, the spanish open air restaurant was closed at our times. In the evenings, the temperature was too cool to sit outside.

Gourmet restaurant Galani

Nice atmosphere in the gourmet restaurant Galani

The restaurant Galani appeals with its beautiful arrangement and the terrace outside. We had two times the opportunity to have breakfast there, as Ran de Mar was reserved for a big group of people for breakfast. The armchairs in the restaurant are very comfortable and the luxury atmosphere affects to be dapper.

Even if the possibility to go to a gourmet restaurant sounds very promising, the extra charge of 50% of the prices of the menu card was deterrent. Despite of first class ingredients that we found on the menu card at the entrance, we never saw anybody dining there. The reason is probably that the food in Ran de Mar is so good that this extra is not nessessary. Even if this place surely offers quietness to enjoy the food... we prefer to dine in the gourmet restaurant Tantris in Munich - not during holidays.

The bars and pool bars

The beverages and cocktails were fully ok. It was not an outstanding performance of the barkeeper but it was tasty. Most of the evenings we were on our own, maybe most of the guests were still outside in the evenings or looking for the kids - for us it remained to be a mistery. Anyway, in the evenings, we liked to enjoy the view from the terrace of the Bar Estels into the iluminated harbour in front of us.

After we once had some terrible snacks at the pool bar (will be described in more detail in the further text, in the chapter of the pool) we just continued to have only drinks there, as in this regard we played it safe and the coffee was superb.

Spa and wellness

The best is to go to the Spa in a buggie, as it is located at the very edge of the complex. Once one enters the rooms, the pleasant scent of incense sticks comes immediately up and asian tones resounds. The local female staff introduce one into the use of the facilities and also show where to find towels, bath robes and bathing shoes. In the changing rooms one can brew a tea of a wide choice that is available with the water that is ready to take from a dispenser. Everything is aesthetically arranged in warm colours and the candles and tea candles that are positioned everywhere do the rest to provide a wonderful atmosphere.

The fitness devices are of the latest standard

Unfortunately, we really started to enjoy the Spa and wellnes zone in the last days, which is a pity for us. The possibilities of sports that are offered here are indeed very wide and would have done good to us concerning the weight we gained due to the excellent food. No matter if Aqua-jogging, Tai Chi or normal gymnastics, every day there was something on the program. The fitness center makes the heart of the ones who are sport enthusiastics beat faster. With completely new devices that can be adjusted in little stages, it is double fun to train and depending on the day time, every day there is a fitness trainer available. Little extras like air conditioned rooms, single screens with respective ear phones in each cardio-vascular training device, nice upbeat music in the background and free water from the dispenser... simply good!

Beside the fitness center there is a heated indoor swimming pool with fizzy and (due to the high temperature more adequated for splashing and relax ather than real swimming), jacuzzi and sauna. The women's hearts might also beat faster. The hair dresser and the beauty center are also here.

What is also very pelasant is the opportunity to go outside and lay down on the sunloungers in a special zone of quietness and relax under the sun. From here, the nearly located pool is accessible in which it is possible to enjoy absolute quietness due to that its located far from the rest of the complex.

Pools and beaches

With three pools (one of them is heated), an indoor pool (heated) and two beautiful litte bay beaches, the hotel offers enough possibilities for all kinds of water freaks. Indeed, the pools are not the biggest but give consideration to the wishes of more sportive people who like to swim their lengths. Due to the number of pools and their distribution within the complex, (and in relation to that the few bathing guests due to the many participants of seminars) there hardly was bustle in the water during the time we were there. Depending on our mood, if we felt like "more", less or no bustle at all, we always took a different decision so that we always got what came to our minds.

'Nice pool in front og the suites

Even if the beach sections that belong to the hotel are accessible to the public, most of the tourist located in the area of Porto Petro prefer Cala Mondrago that is closely located so that the little bays can be mostly considered as private beaches. Before our departure we were dreaming longingly of wide extended beaches and by looking at the hotel pictures we were rather skeptical if that what seems to be the beach would be enough for us at all. After we haunted some beaches that were declared by the travel guides as the dream bays of Mallorca, those "insider tips" resulted to be a continuos nightmare to us with their scrimmaging crowds, the noise and the commercialization. This way, it happened that we started to appreciate these cosy and clean bays with their shallow access into the water and the few people.

Everywhere around the pools and no matter where something was currently cleaned, there were yellow warning signs positioned that in any case should be taken seriously. When the floor became wet, it was purely a reflecting surface. Indeed, the pools are surrounded with wide blue rubber mats, but this is only an interim solution. Indeed, we did not get that someone slipped but we can imagine very well that this egg and spoon race can develop to a little ZEN practice for slow walking.

The form and the construciton of the pools are not according to the most modern standards which is, of course, a matter of taste. We are simply used to less complicated models in which it is possible to access slowly and shallowly into the water without handrails. Indeed, two of the pools have some stairs for access and all of them are handicapped accessible, but elsewhere there are more chic and safer models.

Pool in front of the suits

If one wants quietness but at the same time does not want to be on his own, there is the possibility to lay at the pool close to the reception. Here, there is indeed no access to the beach but therefore a beautiful view to the open sea and the two nice buildings of the suites. If one is approximately 1,70 metres tall it is possible to stand comfortable everywhere in the water. There is a life guard for the safety's sake who can lend some towels for free or toys for the children (and adults); Refreshments and little snacks are available at the nearly located pool bar or simply served by the waiter.

But be careful with the snacks of the pool bars! The offer of the hotel seems to be completely aligned to full board and apparently nobody counts with the guest's appetite in between. Anyway, the choice of the little dishes at the pool bar was nore than poor. Indeed, the baguette with the spanish "serrano" ham was still ok, but one should abstain from trying the sausages. The sausages are served combined with sauerkraut and a little portion of french fries that, according to our taste, were already old and at the price of 12 euros each - thus together 24 euros - we were close to loose our appetite.

I know much better snacks at the pool bars: specially Spain and its Islands is famous for its tasty tapas. Why arent't here also little fish dishes, prawns, potatoes and other typical tapas available?

The pool in the middle and the central bay beach

Nice and natural bay beach with sport offers New pool in an old-fashioned design

Here, there was often a lively bustle, as this place is the center of the complex. Here it was possible to rent some kayaks and paddleboats or just go into the shallowly running water of the well-kept bay. The big pine tree at the centre and the parasols around it provided enough shade.

Here, it was possible to lay confortable on the towel straightforward and with enough distance to the others or use one of the sunloungers available there. The lifeguards were here also watching the bay and the pool.

Indeed, the pool of this area seems to be of an old style (high pool edge, accessible by stairs) and reminds on the pools of a passed generation. It is deeper than the others and a person of normal height is not able to stand everywhere in the pool.

The pool of the backmost bay close to the Spa

Quiet insider tip close to the Spa with a view to the bay

This little place of absolute quietness was lately discovered by us. During the first days, we only used the two pools close to our place, as we were always a little deterred of the long distance to this one. But it is worth to go there, specially if one needs quietness.

One can simply be driven to this place and enjoy the silence! Nobody in or at the pool. he ay was respectively empty. Due to the close location to the Spa, it was possible first to do some sports, have a sauna and then relax at the completely empty pool with view to the sea; Genial!

Indoor pool in the Spa

The heated indoor pool was already described in few words in the chapter of the Spa. If it is raining outside, it it possible to splash a little indoors and this is also the intention of the complex. The (very) warm water is not supposed for copious swimming but therefore it is possible to relax in the jacuzzi, sauna and pool.

Open air sports

Beside the possibilities to swim recently described, there is also an extended program of sports which was not possible for us to use conpletely. Surely, we could have spent some weeks here without getting bored. There are two paddle places, several tennis courts either with sand or covered and partly with flood light.

It is possible to rent bikes, stuff for snorkeling, surf boards, kayaks, paddle boats and sail boats. During the time we were there, the volleyball field on the middle beach bay was frequently used.

Children under good day care

There is a so-called kids-club that is included in the price and where children of any age must feel very good. There are playgrounds and baby corners for the very little ones and even computer games for the older children; Either, the parents can play there with their children or they leave them unter the care of the staff.

In and around Porto Petro

Porto Petro is a little fishing village at the east coast of Mallorca, located at the northeast of Santanyi. Due to its modest size and the few tourists, the place appears to be a little slow, but it offers enough bars and coffee bars alongside the little esplanade of the harbour in that one can also enjoy the typical specialities of the country.

Impressive light display at night

In immediate vicinity to the hotel there is a little shop where one can buy things for the daily use. Further, there are few but appealing boutiques, some diving schools and at the harbour, one can not only eat something but also book some additional events like water skiing or a tour on a glass bottom ship.

Right from the esplanade of the harbour one can walk on a nice path alongside the coast to the light house, passing the hotel and the two beach bays. Even if it is only a small and decayed light house, it is one of the few of Mallorca that can be actually directly accessed without any barrier and enjoy the wonderful view to the bay and to the open sea.

The nature reserve of Cala Mondrago is only 3 km away and easy to approach by bike or by car. Thank god the major part of the original pine tree forests are conserved, also the ones right in the hotel complex and around it, so that the general panorama is green.

The restaurants alongside the little harbour esplanade must surely have appeal, but the street that runs between the table rows surely not. Anyhow, there is the opportunity to be in are more lively atmosphere compared to the quietness in the hotel.


Before our departure we had determined wishes and at the end, all of them were fulfilled. As at the time we have never been to Mallorca, we made some tours alongside the east coast and explored the beaches there which was quite stressful due to the crowds of people that we met everywhere. Any time we arrived back to the hotel we were relieved and relaxed by the quietness we had there.

After the event we can probably say that we wished more time in order to make a more intensive use of the hotel's offers. But we departed with a deep feeling of having not missed anything. Quite the opposite, the feeling of being completely satisfied and recovered endured several days; No repletion, no dissatisfaction, rather a pleasant anticipation to get more, for the case we want to be again close to the sea.

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