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Additional information about the island Mallorca

On this side I arranged further information and recommendable links of Mallorca.

Car rental in Mallorca

During our search for a rented car in Mallorca, we focussed in the internet on 4 bigger providers; We compared the offers of Hertz, Avis, Budget und Sixt. In Sixt, the good all-inclusive price for several services impressed us so much that we herewith would like to mention them as exceptional. In the case of the other providers, there were partly extra charges, so that the reservation for a rented car resulted not to be transparent enough.

One only gets the offer from Sixt by booking from home. Contrary to the other car rentals, Sixt has not a counter right in the airport. Unaccustomed, one leaves the main entrance of the airport, crosses the parking area to the opposite side of the street and searches for the shuttle-bus of Sixt. Depending on where it is parked, it actualy really takes just a couple of minutes until one sees the bus with the big label. Even if from now, it can take some time until the other car renters get in with their luggage, the transfer to the big Sixt-complex that is behind the airport is quite fast. With the same easyness the contractual formalities are done. The choice of cars is impressive. From a little Peugeut 106 up to a Mercedes, everything is available and in best condition, as the cars are maximal 6 months old, as the recepcionist confirmed, and will be afterwards sold in germany.

All the advantages we got are resumed in the following:

  • Second driver at no extra charge
  • Full comprehensive cover
  • No contribution
  • Large choice of cars
  • Even the smallest have air condition
  • The cars are maximal 6 months old
  • Uncomplicated contractual proceeding
  • Very good price compared to other providers
  • By booking in the website of AirBerlin even better priced, depending on the model up to 50% cheaper than with other providers
  • Pick-up parking place conveniently located within the airport area that is close to the motorway
  • 24-hours service with the shuttle to the airport and back

I clearly recommend Sixt. The offer was not only at a fantastic price but the whole proceeding was perfect and smooth. This is just the way the car was that we got. This is the way renting a car is a pleasure!

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