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One Day Excursion to the Island Sentosa


The island of Singapur is for bathing, having a walk or doing sports. The easiest way to get to Sentosa is with the MRT up to the station Harbour Front and then with the sky train in the upper floor up to the last station. One pays approximately S$ 3.00 for the trip with the sky train(including the trip back); At the ticket counter, one gets additionally a map of the island Sentosa with all sightseeings. Once arrived at the Beach Station, one is received by some very friendly personnel who indicates the way .

Those who plan a longer stay at Sentosa can stay in one of the hotels or bungalows of the island. Hotels as the Sentosa Resort & Spa and the Shangri-La Resort Sentosa are of the upper price category, bungalows are available at reasonable prices. There are even two 18-hole Golf courts available. But according to my opinion, one day is enough to explore the island and to live in Singapur.

Café del Mar

The apparently most famous section of the beach of totsl length of 3,2 kilometres is Siloso Beach. On foot it takes only a few minutes to get there passing the beach-volleyball fields. Those who do not feel like walking can take the free rambling train or the bus. On Siloso beach there is also the Café del Mar, a branch of the famous beach coffee bar in Ibiza. The motto is to see and to be seen!

Siloso Beach

Drinking a cocktail, one can relax either on individual deck chairs or even in a bed and listen to the sounds of chillout-music or housebeats while enjoying the sun. But therefore, the prices are respectivly high, a small beer from S$ 10.00, a tuna sandwich with french fries approximately S$ 16.00. The personnel, although excesive, is very slow and simply do Not feel like working (my personal experience and assumption). A mini-pool with pool-bar as also a terrace with seats complete the profile of the Café del Mar.

Those who prefer to lay straight on the beach should not forget to have enough sun protection as there are only a few palms. Also the view to the sea is a little morbid as, as far as the eye can reach, there are big tanks and other industrial ships in front of the coast. The container harbour that is one of the biggest trade handling places of Asia is right around the corner. Personally, I did not find it pleasant to get into the water, not only due to the doubtful water quality but also because I was afraid of the jellyfishes. They can cause some slight up to medium heavy burns and are also mentioned in warning signposts. More beaches: Palawan and Tanjong Beach.

But on Sentosa there are also a lot of possibilities to do some sports, a popular way to explore the island: bikes or inline-skates that both are available everywhere.

More Attractions of Sentosa

  • Underwater World: A huge underwater aquarium made of a 83 m long acryl tunnel in which some sharks, rays, all kinds of fishes and sea urchins can be admired. Those who want vcan get informed of the feeding times and watch the divers climbing into the aquarium. At the entrance there is additionally the possibility to experience a wet petting zoo by touching a starfish or also some diodon hystrix. Monorail Station 2.
  • Dolphin Lagoon: A show performance with pink coloured indo-pacific humpback dolphins that takes place 4 times a day. Monrail Station 5.
  • Sky Tower: Highest view tower of Singapur (110 metres). In closed gondola, approximately 70 visitors have the possibility to overview the city. This attraction is located at the Monorail Station 6, entrance fee from S$10 for adults and S$ 6 for children.
  • Merlion-Observation Deck: A 37 metres high statue of the secret emblem of Singapur and a further observation deck to the city Singapur. Monorail Station 1.
  • Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom Museum: This butterfly farm with more than 3000 dead butterflies and insects as also approximately 1500 freely flying butterflies is locted at the Monorail Station 3 and entrance tickets are available from S$ 10 for adults and S$ 6 for children.
Songs of the Sea Show-Songs of the Sea

In the evening after it got dark one can visit the musical "Songs of the Sea". Fully according to the tacky taste of the asian tourists who are the major part of the tourists, a love story is told in playback and with a laser projection.With water fountains, a fire work and 3-D projections, this show is rather something for the children among us.

The tribune of the musical is right at the exit of the Beach Station with a view to small houses that are built on stilts. The performance takes place three times at the following times: 07.30 p.n., 08.30 p.m. and 09.30 p.m. But one should be at least half an hour before the beginning there and buy the tickets (from S$6), as the spectacle is also a popular destination of school excursions and always sold off.

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