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Dream Long Sandbeaches in Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura is a paradise for sun and bathing lovers. There are numerous beaches. And there are specially big and long extended beaches that mostly run shallowly into the sea, so that they are ideal for children and people who are a little afraid. Concerning some beaches, one might say they are pretty crowded and vivid, but compared to other beaches at other resorts there is still enough space that one must not lay towel-to-towel beside the neighbour and there is still some space for ball games.

But Fuerteventura is not only a paradise for bathing lovers; Also those who like water sports get their money worth. Windsurfers are delighted by the good wind conditions at some spots of the island, divers find a colourful and diversified paradise under the sea. And of course, the beach hikers also get their money worth: one can walk the long sandbeaches up and down for hours and repeatedely enjoy some new views to the beach bays and the mountaneous heartland. But be careful! While one or two cliffs can be still easily circulated when the tide is low, on the way back, it is possible that the water goes up to one's hips or that one even has to swim the way back.

Playa de Sotavento de Jandía, Playa Barca

Playa de Sotavento de Jandía is located at the south east coast of the southern tip of the island that is also called Jandía. It extends from Risco del Paso up to the bathing resort Costa Calma; in the north eastern area it is also called Playa Barca.

The sea at the right of the spit, the flat lagoon at the left

This beach section is something very special: at a distance of approximately 100 m from the actual beach, there is a spit of a length of approximately 4 km and a width of only a few metres. Between the beach and the spit there is a lagoon of a width of approximately 20-100 m, depending on the tide, it is wider or narow, deeper or shallowly. If the tide is not extremely high, it is possible to easily wade across the lagoon and spread oneself on the spit.

Windsurfing-course in the lagoon between the beach and the spit

Of course, it is a great feeling to spread one's towel on the spit and there is only seawater at the left and at the right side. But at the seaside, the waves roar, while at the side of the island, the water almost stands. Here, it is good fun to bath and of course the children are very delighted to play in the lagoon and to splash up and down. But also as an adult one gets his money worth, as this beach section does not only invite to have a bath but also to have a beach walk. It is good fun to wade with bare feet on sand, shallow water and muddy sand; the views are always new and one can walk for kilometres. Of course, one has to be careful if having spread the towel on the spit or on the beach: what was dry when the tide was low can be completely overflown if the tide is high.

But this beach section is not only a paradise for bathing lovers but here is also a famous area for windsurfers. There are several surf schools where one can learn how to surf or simply borrow a surfboard for an hour; What is specially pleasant is to learn the first steps on the surfboard in the lagoon, as one cannot fall deeply and easily get on the board.

Playa de Cofete

There are so many golden beaches in Fuerteventura, that there is actually no reason to make the effort to drive to Playa de Cofete. This long extended beach is located at the southwest of the island and is only accessible through a piste of a length of approximately  20 km that also crosses a mountain chain. The stony and curvy and partly also steep piste can be certainly driven with a normal car, but one only slowly gets ahead, as one is repeatedely stopped by the many deep holes and bumps. With a jeep it is also not possible to rush through, as the stretch is partly steep an with serpentines.

With a normal car, one needs from the bathing resort Morro Jable approximately one hour to get to the beach of Cofete. But the drive to there is interesting and exciting. Moreover, one is rewarded with a sensational view from the view point Mirador de Barlovento, see Cofete for more details.

The lonely Playa de Cofete

So what is the advantage to take this long and exhausting drive to get to Playa de Cofete? The beach is huge and extends over many kilometers underneath the mountain chain of Jandía. It is a gorgeous golden sandbeach where only a few people are. Those people who enjoy being on the beach without anybody else who spreads his towel within 50-100 m will feel comfortable here. Here, one can feel like being on a lonely island and enjoy breathtsaking views at the same time: alongside the beach up to the tongue of sand El Jable goes up to the highest mountains of the island.

Not far from the beach there is the small place Cofete where there is a small restaurant. Here, one can get some local fish specialities at not very cheap prices. Anyway, we enjoyed the food.

Playa del Viejo Rey (Playa La Pared)

The beach at La Pared

Fuerteventura is the island with the endless long sandbeaches where one finds a lot of space and can walk for hours. But not all beaches are of this kind. by driving to Playa del Viejo Rey at the place La Pared, one will find a completely different beach: in a beautiful rock bay there is a picturesque small beach of grinded volcanic rocks. One can park the car upside the bay, in order to get to the beach one needs to walk a few metres on foot.

One is then rewarded with a dream view to the sea. At the left, the right and behind oneself there are the bizarre formations of the rock bay. One feels like in an own little kingdom and the rest of the world is far behind... in this rock way, there is permanently the wind blowing, that means, the sea permanently beats its waves against the shore. Thus, fun is guaranteed for bathing lovers, those who are rather afraid have to bring themselves in order to defy the waves. And of course, nothing is more beautiful than experiencing the sunset in such a small bathing bay.

Playa de los Muertos

In the small fishing village Ajuy, there is a beach called Playa de los Muertos. Who feels like bathing on a beach whcih name means in english the beach of the death? At this small beach there is always a good surge, thus, the fun of wave lovers is guaranted. But do the waves also claim one's life, are there subterranean whirlpools? The answer is no. The name comes from the past when at this beach section, pirates landed and caused a devastating blood both among the inhabitants. Thus, there is no need to worry, have good fun at Playa de los Muertos.

Playa de los Muertos in Ajuy; at the rock cliff at the background, the way leads up to Caleta Negra.

Why do I mention this small beach when in Fuerteventura, there are much bigger ones? Well, this small black lava beach is very cozy and has a very good infrastructure: one can park right at the beach, there are several restaurants close to the beach and there is even a supermarket providing cheap beverages and small snacks. And of course, we have a bath on this beach and from there, we start a small hiking tour of approximately 30 minutes to a beautiful view point upwards and downwards to some fascinating caves. In total, it is a small place where there are many interesting, pleasant and useful things at once.

Playas El Jable

Those who are on holiday in Fuerteventura should at least visit once one of the numerous beaches in the dune area El Jable in the national park Parque Natural de Corralejo, as these beaches are something very unique. The huge dune area El Jable extends over a length of more than 10 km with a width of more than 2 km at the south of the tourist centre Corralejo. The special thing is that the white sand dunes straight merge with the long extended sea beaches.

View from the beach to the sand dunes of Corralejo

For having a bath there, one leaves the car at the main road that leads straight through the dunes (there is enough parking space), then walks for approximately 10 minutes through the dune mountains and dune valleys until one finally arrives to the endlessly seeming bathing beaches. Of course it is ossible to have some endless hiking tours on the beach, but it is much more attractive to have a hiking tour on the high sand dunes, as this possibility is not always offered.

Right at these dream beaches it is also possible to spend the complete holiday: in the northern area there are several big hotel and appartment complexes. From there, one has a straight access to the sandbeaches and have some long walks at the sea or alongside the dunes.

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