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Weather and climate in Lanzarote


Lanzarote, the island of the eternal spring. All Canarian Islands denominate themselves as islands of the eternal spring; People are pleasant to believe such a slogan and take a flight on holiday without taking a jumper and a rain coat. But it is important to be conscious about the fact that the spring time might be eternal in Lanzarote, but that is it also interrupted from time to time.

During the whole year, there are in Lanzarote daily temperatures exceeding 20C; And as the daily temperatures seldom exceed 30C, it is realistic to talk about an eternal spring. At night, the temperatures do fall, but in reality, it never gets really cold; This pleasant climate of Lanzarote is on one hand owed to the trade winds, on the other hand to the Canarian Current (see the page about the Climate of the Canarian Islands).

From all Canarian Islands, Lanzarote is the island with the less rainfalls. Statistically, it does not rain one single day in the summer months May - August. But this should not mean that in Lanzarote there is sunshine throughout the whole year. Especially in the winter months, many clowd banks that do not neccessarily cause rainfalls float over the island sometimes the sky, partly for many days. Even if the average daily temperatures exceed in the winter months 20C, it rapidly gets cold when the sun disappears behind the clowds.

Also a bathing island as Lanzarote should never be visited without warm clothes, as it can always happen that for three days there are only 15C. As most of the hotels and appartment complexes do not have a heating system, it can rapidly get cold. A coat should also be taken to Lanzarote, as it is always possible that it rains. But such rainy days in Lanzarote are something really beautiful, as the terribly dry landscape immediately turns into a greener one, and then one gets the feeling to come to the end of the dry spell and get a glass of water.

There is one thing bathing freaks should be conscious about: in the island of the eternal spring, the water temperatures never are as high as the Caribean level. In fact, the sea is always cold and refreshing. Even in the summer time, the water temperature is not more than 22C.

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