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Seasickness - Tips and Experiences

Manfreds experiences and tips for dealing with seasickness


Seasickness is a disbolic matter, that is suffered by numerous humans that travel one of the seven seas. They can be divided in three levels:

  1. One is feared of dying. Such thoughts are the result of diminished appetite, headache, lack of drive.
  2. One does not care to die. This is due to the nausea that is often linked to vomiting, increasing headaches, as also an augmented absence of appetite, fatigue and listlessness.
  3. One longs for dying and being able to be finally dead. This is transmitted by the brain, that is in a blur of the following malignities: even if the stomach does not give anything away anymore for a long time, one is misstreated by strong vomits of gastric juices and biles (not finely expressed, but more accurate instead: one pukes ones guts out); Revulsion by only thinking of food. Combined with acroataxias, absolute listlessness and, of course, splitting headaches, gives one the feeling to be a critically ill person with the mark of death.

Some scientific analysis resulted that only approximately 15% of the people are practically resistant to the occurance of seasickness, 75% have already a bigger problem. But only approximately 10% want to die due to seasickness. This should mean: the latter have more than a serious problem during boat trips!

But nobody should abstain from a trip with the Hurtigruten due to this reason! Therefore, there are many reasons to do so:

  • Most of the time, the ships navigate close to the shore protected by islands, skerries, sounds and fjords.
  • The crossing of open sea routes are only of a few hours. Thus, the end of possible but not obligatory strong movements of the ship is foreseeable.
  • The risk of getting seasick is considerably reduced by taking tablets against seasickness and maybe also as a preventive measure.
  • One can be really proud of oneself by having overcomed safely a storm or a hurricane and will not forget this experience for a lifetime.
  • There was evidence of journeys, where the only cause for slight swinging movements of the ship was a little too zestful docking maneuver.

Tips and Experiences

Many years ago, the ferry connection that today is not in service any more from Cuxhaven over Stavanger to Bergen made me believe after a stormy night that I was totally unapt for sea trips; Without doubt, my level was no. 3 (see above). Up to Stavanger, I was practitally death lying in the cabine. In Bergen, I was already able to walk, still with a bad face, in order to leave the ship without help.

Just under 20 years later, these memories were already slightly faded and thus, I was confident in the spirit of: "It won't go too bad" and got prepared for my first trip on the Hurtigruten. In the truest sense of the word, already after the first night, there was a bad awakening (see also diary of the 2. day in the Hurtigruten).

Again, I was on level 3, but still did not want to die. Then the Swabian reared up in me and I thought, I payed good money for this journey. The rescue in "distress" was provided by some tablets and a quiet waterway on the way to Alesund.

After I meanwhile overcame 4 complete circular trips, I herewith mention the most importing things, according to my opinion, for coping with the upcoming risks of seasickness.


Tablets are an absolute neccessity! My miracle cure against seasickness is named Stugeron and is from Switzerland. In germany, these tablets have to be ordered at the international chemistry. This sounds complicated, but is isn't. One goes to the next chemistry, explains what is wanted, and a few days later, the issue is settled.

Stugeron is also recommended by sailors of the high sea and is supposed not to have any secondary effects. But a slight tiredness is unavoidable. Those who forgot the tablets due to the turbulences of the travel arrangements, should ask for them already in the first evening at the travel management or the ship reception. But certain about the product that is available there.

At sea

In order to be on the safe side and to have a recovering repose, one should take straight in the first evening one tablet before going to sleep. If there is a strong swinging during the night, a further tablet would not be amiss. If one is not really fit by getting up, it is preferable t stay a little in bed and eventualy take another tablet. In any case, the day should be started slowly avoiding bustling movements and reduce the body care to a minimum, that is dental hygiene. If it is possible somehow, do not miss having breakfast.

If the weather is not 100% during the first days on board, it would not be amiss to take always a tablet after breakfast as a preventive measure, that can be omitted in case of calm and sunny sunshine.

But be alert to upcoming sea disturbances; As, by having ridden the first days out at a calmed sea or with minimum sea disturbances, one cannot think to be out of the wood. Fast changes in the weather, the leaving of a protected route or the beginning of an open sea stretch kann drive very fast to a strong sea disturbance and therewith to sudden problems. During the first signs of feeling bad, one should not wonder too long whether it is only a chestiness and in case, never pretend to be a strong guy and take the risk, but always act according to the motto: "Better to be a lively coward than a death heor!" Take a tablet immediately!!!

And if I write immediately, I mean immediately!!! Only the walk to the cabin can be a lost of time! Thus, always take one or two tablets with you, this is really calming. Then, stop doing any activity, lollop into the next armchair, close your eyes and breathe deeply. If there is music at hand, put the earplugs in, this is distracting; Now, one has to wait to see who is predominating: the tablets or the sea.

Eating and drinking

An empty stomach does not help. Neither alcohol does! But the risk of an excess of alcohol is quite low on board, as the prices for alcoholic drinks in Norway are over the hill! Coffee is to be drunk carefully or better not at all. During breakfast, it is preferable to choose tea, best is black or peppermint tea. There is also to be careful with milk produces. Milk instead of coffee is not an alternative; moreover, do not have too much cheese at the breakfast buffet.

Apart from that, simply enjoy breakfast and do not (sorry) overindulge during the meals, a thing that is not easy considering the deliciousness that are offered!

My conclusion

If I consequently follow my own rules, I scratch along, also in the case of a stron sea turbulence, without any bigger problems. But if I laze away the thing a little, I have to struggle with level 1 in a weakened version.

But I can live and "outlive" with that, this is why today, I already look forward to my next circular trip with the Hurtigruten.

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